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Outsource Billing Solutions


What Makes Domos HME Billing Different?

  • We hire experienced medical billing personnel and spend the resources required to keep them on top of reimbursement changes.Power Mobility Billing

  • We make it easy for our clients to provide us the information required to bill claims. Use our customer portal, or fax information to our toll-free fax number.

  • We offer clients a cafeteria menu of choices -- our outsource billing process is designed to be customized for each of our individual client's specific needs.

  • We advise and consult with our clients in order to assist them in improving intake processes crucial to full reimbursement of claims.

  • Clients receive free access to a password protected web site that contains always up-to-date reimbursement tools to help our clients improve their customer service processes.

More Features of Our Outsource Billing Services

  • We offer a detailed review of all information submitted for claims processing prior to submitting your claims, resulting in lower denial rates for our clients. We are also available to review your documentation prior to delivery to the patient.

  • We submit claims electronically whenever possible, allowing our clients to be paid more quickly and to maximize their business’s cash flow.

  • Our state of the art HME software systems means that a host of specialized data and reports are available to our clients to meet their specific needs – including complex historical billing data required by Medicare for competitive bidding.Oxygen Billing

  • We provide consistent, timely, and aggressive follow-up on any denials – we don’t get paid unless you get paid! Any necessary re-opening or re-determination requests are processed quickly.

  • Domos HME Billing shares office space and management with Domos HME Consulting Group – recognized experts in accreditation compliance, operational growth strategies, Medicare compliance and audits, and a host of other services. This means our clients can elect to have all of their consulting needs met by one company that really knows and cares about your business.

  • Outsource billing clients receive a 10% discount on all additional consulting services offered by Domos HME Consulting, and a 50% discount on our popular accreditation compliance software program, customized to your accrediting body and products.

Contact Us For More Information:

Phone – toll free: (425)882-2035


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Domos HME Billing
Phone: 425.882.2035
Fax: 888.553.1063
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